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Urdu-Intensivkurs für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene
29. August - 16. September 2022
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Prof. Dr. Rahul Mukherji:
Governing India: What do we know and need to know?
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Nepal Tag am 21. und 22. Juli 2022

Wir laden alle herzlich ein zum Nepal Tag, welcher am 21. Und 22. Juli 2022 im Rahmen der Feierlichkeiten des 60 Jährigen Jubiläums des Südasien-Instituts stattfindet. Den Auftakt bildet die Unterzeichnung des MoU zwischen der Universität Heidelberg und der Tribbhuvan Universität in der Bel Etage der Alten Universität (Grabengasse 1).  Anschließend finden Vorträge in den Räumen 010.01.05 (großer Hörsaal, CATS-Seminargebäude) und 400.02.12 (HCTS) statt. Das ausführliche Programm finden Sie hier.

Polonsky Prize for the Creativity and Originality in the Humanistic Disciplines for Dr. Ofer Peres

The South Asia Institute is happy to announce that Dr. Ofer Peres, Minerva fellow at the Cultural and Religious History Department from 9/2021 to 9/2022, was awarded the 2022 "Polonsky Prize for the Creativity and Originality in the Humanistic Disciplines" from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. Peres received this prestigeous price for his doctoral dissertation titled "In the Trail of the Wailing King: A Cultural Biography of a Traditional Indian Narrative." This dissertation follows the Vedic myth of Urvaśī and Purūravas and its various Sanskrit and Tamil retellings, in three major historical and religious contexts between the twelfth century BCE and the eighteenth century CE. This myth, a story of a human king’s love affair with a celestial nymph, serves as a peephole to the backstage of tradition, through which the author examines how narrative adaptations were used in ancient and medieval India to introduce ritual and theological innovations, validate popular beliefs and practices, and compromise ideological tensions between conflicting social identities.

Welcome to Dr. Davut Şahbaz

The Department of Modern South Asian Languages and Literatures is pleased to welcome Dr. Davut Şahbaz, who will stay until August 2022 at the SAI. Dr. Davut Şahbaz received his doctorate degree from Ankara University and is associate Professor at the Department of Eastern Languages and Literatures in Ankara University.
He is the author of the books “Kashmir: From Civilization to Captivity” and “Mazhar ul Islam: Life, Literary Style and Selections from His Works.”
During his stay in Heidelberg, he will be conducting his research on the “Perception of West and East in Muhammad Iqbal's Discourses.” Furthermore, he will also complete his book “History of Pakistan.”

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Vorträge und Veranstaltungen

Dienstag, 28.06.2022
Ivan Illich’s Medical Nemesis in a Time of Covid: ‘The Expropriation of Health’ (ONLINE ONLY)
Zeit: 17:15 Uhr - 18:45 Uhr
Ort: Gebäude 4110, Raum 110.02.05, Voßstraße 2
Referent: Babette Babich, Department of Philosophy, Fordham University, New York (USA) & Department of Philosophy, Religions and Liberal Arts, University of Winchester (UK)
Veranstalter: Abteilung Ethnologie
Freitag, 01.07.2022
Liebe, Sex und Emanzipation. Aufsehenerregende Lücken in der Geschichte der Indisch-Deutschen Begegnung
Zeit: 12:30 Uhr
Ort: (DAI), Sofienstraße 12
Referent: Dr. Joanna Simonow, Universität Heidelberg, Südasien-Institut, Geschichte
Veranstalter: Südasien-Institut Heidelberg
Freitag, 08.07.2022
Colloquium Series „The 1950s: Journeys into Postcolonial South Asia”
Zeit: 14:00 Uhr
Ort: Online (Zoom), Voßstr. 2 2
Referent: Vikrant Dadawala - Harvard University
Veranstalter: Abteilung Geschichte Südasiens
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